Saturday, August 1, 2009

Tomatillos Salsa and Fluatas

It was initially not my idea to attempt this type of dinner, it was my husband's, but it turned out fun. I normally don't attempt an entire meal of new dishes, ingredients and/or cooking methods, but he really had his heart set on a true Mexican theme after watching lots of Rick Bayless, so I obliged.
Our meal consisted of ceviche (I need to improve the recipe before I post anything), tomatillos salsa, and chicken flautas.
For the flautas, I first marinated 6 Chicken Thighs in the Zest of 1 Lime, 1/2 C. Lime Juice, 2 crushed Garlic Cloves, the meat of 1 Roasted Jalapenos, 1 Tbl Apple Cider Vinegar, 2 Tbls Olive Oil, 1 Cinnamon Stick, 1 tsp Dried Oregano, Cilantro, S&P. They marinated for about 1 hour and were grilled. Traditionally I believe shredded chicken is used and ours was sliced.
The salsa and flautas were very good and we will make both again. Tomatillos are readily available in grocery stores. Using 4 tomatillos, peel the paper off, remove the stem and slice in half along the equator. Slice 2 Garlic Cloves in half. Heat empty non stick skillet over medium to medium high. Add garlic and tomatillos cut side down and cook til rich brown in color but not burned. Turn and cook 2nd side. Once garlic is done, add to food processor. When tomatillos become soft, add to processor and allow to cool. Add the meat of 1 peeled, roasted Anaheim Pepper, 1 peeled roasted Jalapenos Pepper and S&P. Pulse just until there are no chunks remaining. Place in serving bowl. Stir in 2 Tbl Red Onion, 2 Tbl minced Cilantro and a Squeeze of Lime. Serve immediately.
For flautas, heat iron skillet with 2" canola oil. Once hot (about 375) add corn tortilla for 5 seconds in each side and remove. Add sliced chicken, roll and secure with with a toothpick. Place back into oil and cook until golden brown; turn and finish cooking. Serve crispy flautas with tomatillos salsa and sour cream.

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