Friday, August 12, 2011

French Onion Soup

 From this.  Buy 6 Large Fresh Onions.

To this.  Slice thinly.  Preheat pot over medium heat and add 4 Tbl UnSalted Butter.  Add sliced onions increase to medium high and cook uncovered, stirring frequently.

To this.  After 10 minutes they begin to lose moisture and will reduce in volume.

To this.  Continue cooking and stirring often for an additional 50-60 minutes until onions begin to turn golden brown.  Reduce heat slightly to avoid burning if needed.

To this.  Measure 3/4 Cup Madeira and add it 2 Tbls at a time.  Continue to cook and stir until deep brown.  Start to finish, the onions cooked for 1 hour 10 minutes.  Add 2 Cups Chicken Broth and 3 Cups Beef Broth.

To this.  Ladle into bowls, top with Sliced French Bread (for gluten free use gluten free bread) and top with Grated Gruyere Cheese.

To this.  Broil until the cheese melts and is golden brown.  Serve at once.

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