Thursday, January 2, 2014

Cleaning and Organizing the Walk-in Pantry

I have A LOT of kitchen stuff.  Over time, like and similar things have been placed in different parts of the kitchen.  Paper goods, plastic cups, and small appliances in particular have me searching here and there when I want them.  Today I am tackling the job of unloading 3 cabinets plus my walk-in pantry.  I am going to reorganize all of them once and for all!  I am taking control this 2014 because I am tired of thinking about it.

My camera didn't have a charge so I failed to get the a true before shot of the pantry.  It actually wasn't too bad but there are coolers that I want out and I needed to make better use of the varying widths of the shelves.

These photos are of the cabinet messes I have accumulated, so you get the idea...a lot of stuff.  I use most of it but just not all the time.  The left hand column is the before and the right, after.

These final 3 photos are of the pantry.  I threw away at least 4 trash bags of stuff. 

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