Saturday, May 22, 2010

Quick Omelette

Many years ago, I changed drastically the way I make omelettes.  As a kid, I added everything to the bowl and put it in a hot pan.  I stirred until it set up and I folded it over.  I had to turn over this incredibly heavy laden egg to cook the other side and it always broke apart and made a huge mess. 
Now I use of a method you see at omelette stations in hotels, though theirs are larger than just 1 egg. 

Heat empty 8" skillet.  Meanwhile beat 1 Egg with a Tbl of Milk and any herbs you are using, in this case, Scallions.  Add 2 tsp Butter to hot pan and swirl to coat.  Add any kind of vegetables or meat to the pan at this time, and quickly heat.  Add the egg mixture and move the vegetables and meat around so they are evenlly distributed.  Once it is set, flip omelette over by tossing in the air.  Pictured, I am about to flip the omelette.  Top cooked side with cheese, in this case, I used grated Swiss.  While placing on a plate, fold it over.  The flipping part takes practice and knowing when to flip takes a practiced eye.  Once you get it down though, you'll never go back!

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