Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fluffy Scrambled Eggs

Whenever I see leftover bread from the previous night's dinner on my counter, I immediately think of scrambled eggs for breakfast. I always enjoy a slice of toasted sourdough with eggs.
Believe if or not there are many ways to screw up scrambled eggs, heat too high or too low, too much or not enough liquid, and most often too much or too little stirring while it's cooking. I recall as kid, often my Mom would say I stirred too much and the eggs were like beebees. Here is my recipe for the perfect scrambled eggs, fluffy, light, just done.

In a bowl, beat with a fork 2 Large Eggs with 1 Tbl 1/2&1/2 or Heavy Cream. Slice bread and place in the toaster. Heat empty 8" non stick pan over medium heat for a few minutes until hot. Add 1 Tbl Butter and once melted, add eggs. Begin toasting bread. As eggs are just beginning to cook around the edge, using a heat resistant rubber spatula, begin to fold gently. Continue folding gently as the eggs cook until the doneness you like. Once toast is done, spread with butter. Place eggs and toast on a plate and top with S&P to taste and fresh herbs if you like. Pictured is freshly snipped chives. Dill works well, too.

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Carole said...

Hey, where's your toast in the picture! LOL!