Tuesday, May 19, 2009

May Need a New Camera

I checked on the button for my camera today, thinking it was due in and that they simply forgot to call me. I was very disappointed to find out that it could be a 12 week wait. I immedicately went online to see if I could find this foolish button and spring set up and to order it myself. I found many complaints about this very problem on the Sony DCS H2 camera. This thing just pops off at the most inconvenient time and the spring gets lost. In fact, I had many problems with the focusing mechanism of this camera in that the picture would be in focus but the lens would continue to move in and out then randomly shoot a photo unfocused at a delayed rate of speed. Alas, another common problem with this model camera. The button fix is a meer $180 to repair if you call Sony directly, just about 1/2 the price of the camera. Funny thing is, for macro photography, I never had a problem with the focus.
With a pending trip to NY in about 6 weeks and a blog that needs some new inspiration, I may hit Best Buy tomorrow to begin sorting through the models available. Naturally, I'll get just about twice the pixels of what I have and since it seems I need a new camera every few years, I won't spend more than $400, it just isn't worth it.

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