Sunday, June 12, 2011

Grilled Salmon, Scales On

First, when buying salmon, buy fresh salmon fillets with the scales on.  Buy individual fillets since they are easier to remove from the grill and can be purchased based on how well done you like your fish.  If you want to buy a full side, cut it into pieces that will fit on your spatula once cooked.  I like mine a bit thinner so it is more done than the way my husbands prefers his fish.  By buying 2 thicknesses, I can cook them both at the same time for the same amount of time.If you don't see the sizes you like, ask the fish monger to cut pieces for you.  I bought 2 fillets around 1.2 pounds total.

This recipe preparation is one of the few times I love our infer-red grill.  Place 1 Salmon Fillet Per Person, scale sides down, on a platter about a hour before cooking.  This allows the fish to begin to warm up to room temperature.  Either drizzle or brush Virgin Olive Oil on both sides of the fillet.  With scales down, top with the Zest of Lemon.  (The zest of 1 Lemon will top 2 Fillets)  Add Kosher Salt and Freshly Ground Pepper to taste. If you like Dill, add it now.

About 20 minutes before cooking, throughly heat your grill.  Place the Salmon Fillets on the grill scale side down and close the lid.  Note: You will not be turning the fish.  The fish will cook in a matter of 2-6 minutes depending on your doneness and the heat of your grill.  Using your tongs, you can feel for doneness, soft and springy means rare in the middle and firm is cooked all the way.  The fish will go from a bright orange to a milky pink color as it firms up.  You can open the grill to peek as you are learning how long to let it go.  Try not to over cook it though because dry salmon isn't good.

To remove it from the grill, get the spatula under the scales.  It is easiest if you approach the fillet from a corner and at a diagonal to the grate to get it started.  With a quick motion, get the entire fillet including scales on the spatula and carefully transfer to each plate as is.  This goes great with grilled Asparagus, Lemon Rice Pilaf and a Lemon Drop Martini!  Eat immediately!!

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myyoutubeemail12 said...

thank you, janice! i cannot wait to try this, as salmon is so amazing for us, and natural lemon and kosher salt/pepper have been simple favs of mine.. .doesn't disguise the taste of the food we eat :). <3, Love, Sara