Saturday, August 11, 2012

Burrata Mozzarella

To celebrate our son's adoption, we always go to an Italian restaurant on the exact date, regardless of what is going on in our lives.  We have exhausted all of the kid friendly family options.  Last year, since he was 9, we decided to venture to New Orleans.  After careful research, we chose John Besh's, Domenica, located at the Roosevelt Hotel.  We got there early on a Sunday afternoon. It wasn't overly crowded, likely because the Saints were not playing in the Dome, but we realized we were in no rush and could really enjoy this meal together.  I had read within the description of the restaurant, named for the day of the week, that Domenica in Italy was spent visiting and eating with family (and I suppose friends), all afternoon, enjoying course after course of domestic specialties, my kind of place.  After a quick review of the menu, we decided that's how we would spend this special day, too.  We each selected dishes that appealed to us individually and if the group concurred, we would order it.  We asked that each course be served one at a time, family style, and that's how it came.  My husband chose the Octopus Carpaccio (spectacular), I picked the Squid Ink Pasta (delicious) plus the Burrata Mozzarella (totally amazing), and our son picked the Homemade Lasagna (which was served in its own mini lasagna dish and was piping hot and bubbling over).

Unbeknownst to me at the time, Burrata Mozzarella is an imported soft mozzarella which, as you can see, is almost runny.  When the dish arrived, it appeared to me that they heated olive oil and added tomato halves.  This was placed directly on top of the cheese.  Then it was garnished with fresh pesto that was either stirred in or we stirred in.  It was served with crusty farm bread.
Yesterday I walked into Whole Foods and what was the first thing I see?  You guessed it, Burrata Mozzarella.  I bought it along with Yellow Cherry Tomatoes, and a Crusty Ciabatta.  I recreated what I thought to have been the dish I ate 10 months ago.  The first thing you have to do is get the cheese up to room temperature, so I picked a dish and got it opened right away.  I warmed the oven, then the bread.  In the meantime I warmed 2 Tbl Olive Oil and added about 10 Quartered Tomatoes.  When the oil was hot, I add the tomatoes.  Once they sizzled for about 15 seconds, I turned them off.  I whipped up a quick Pesto using Fresh Basil leaves I have growing.  I added a Small Handful of Walnuts, Salt and Pepper, and a Few Tbl Parmesan.  Once this was combined, I drizzled in about 1/4 Cup of Olive Oil.  I layered the Burrata with the oil and pesto and then cut the bread after it rested for about 5 minutes. Wow, it was so good!  I really need to go to Italy but in the meantime, I will look to the John Besh's of the world to help me recreate some of the specialties in my own kitchen.

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