Thursday, August 2, 2012

Roasted Vegetables over Angel Hair Pasta

When we ski, normally on arrival day we eat pasta of some sort.  I made this last year and have had a hankering for it because the Eggplant and Zucchini are just beautiful now.  This is the only picture I have because we ate when they were done and there were barely any left.  Next time I'll add another photo.  To make these roasted vegetables is quite simple.  Heat oven to 375.  Cut into 1" cubes, 1 Medium Eggplant and 2 Medium Zucchini.  Ciseler a Small Red Onion, as pictured.  It's a cool little shape!  Toss all the vegetables in 1/4 Cup Olive Oil or Canola or a combination of both and arrange in a single layer.  Sprinkle with Salt and Pepper to taste.  Add to the hot oven and roast for about 1 hour.  After 20 minutes, begin turning every 10 minutes or so until they are caramelized.  They will shrink quite a bit.   One sheet pan feeds about 4-5 people.  For serving, have pasta ready when the vegetables are done.  Plate the pasta, add the sauce, top with the roasted vegetables, and garnish with Parmesan Cheese.  Serve with salad and crusty warm bread.

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