Monday, October 15, 2012

New Orleans Barbeque Shrimp over Lemon Rice Pilaf

I have been wanting to put these two dishes together for ages.  I finally ended up with all the ingredients to do so.  If you have been to New Orleans, you know the barbeque shrimp is just swimming in butter, literally, about 1 stick per pound of unpeeled shrimp.  As much as I would like to, I just can't consume that amount of butter.  Here is a lighter version with all the parts of the original dish.  I made up both of these recipes.  These quantities are about right for 3 portions.

Get the prep done for the shrimp part of the dish, cook the pilaf, then cook the shrimp.  This dinner goes together fairly easily. 

Peel 1 lb Large Fresh Shrimp (I decided to take the tail off this time but you don't have to.)  Place peeled shrimp in a single layer on a paper towel lined plate. Open New Orleans Barbeque Seasoning (I buy my favorite seasoning by the case and sell it for $5 + shipping - just message me), set out bottle of Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce, Zest 1 Lemon then Juice the lemon.  Set skillet on the stove.

Here is the Lemon Rice Pilaf recipe.  Dice 1 small Vidalia Onion. Heat a heavy bottom pan over medium heat.  Add enough Olive Oil to lightly coat the bottom.  Add the onion and saute for about 3-5 minutes until soft but not browned.  Add 1 Cup Arborio Rice.  Stir until the rice is coated in oil and cook for about 1 minute more.  Begin adding (1) 14 1/2oz  Chicken Broth, a few ounces at a time, and stir after each addition.  Keep adding in this manner until the entire can has been added.  Stir in the juice of 1 Lemon.  The rice will not be done so keep adding small amounts of water until the rice is cooked.  It may need 1/4-1/2 cup of water in all.

Cook the Shrimp.  Heat an empty skillet over medium high heat.  Add 3 Tbl UnSalted Butter.  Add shrimp and cook until almost done.  Add the juice of the lemon and half of the zest.  Add 1 Tbl Barbeque Shrimp Seasoning and stir to coat.  Add 1/2 Tbl Worcestershire Sauce.  Add the lemon slices, toss to coat and remove from heat.  Serve at once over the lemon rice pilaf with the lemon zest and fresh rosemary garnish.  Serve with warm crusty bread.  The sauce doubles and triples well to allow for dipping.

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