Friday, October 12, 2012

Farm Fresh Eggs

It was my lucky day!!  I went to Simplee Gourmet in hunt of a new pastry cloth.  At the door was a young man, a member of 4-H, selling the eggs his chickens laid.  A dozen eggs for $3.50 which is a great price....and just look at these!  They are most the beautiful eggs I have ever seen.

The following morning, I scrambled a few and they were incredible.  I will have to let you know the hours you might find him there so you can buy some for your own kitchen.

The second day I fried one!  So delicious!!

I didn't partake, but Covey Farms had a farmers market of vegetables set up for purchase.   Meanwhile, a chef was behind the line cooking something that smelled delicious.  If you haven't visited Simplee Gourmet lately, (Hwy 21 - Covington, LA) you are missing out.  Their inventory of kitchen gadgets, cookware, serving platters, cutlery, dishes, glassware and more, has grown!  I can get lost in a place like that.

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