Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Teacher Treats for Halloween

Everyone who signed up for the food committee at school was asked to bring something for the teachers today.  Since they will likely get a lot of "treats" and some teachers might be looking more for a food suitable for breakfast, I decided to make my Stuffed Apple French Toast.

Yesterday I bought loaves of French Baguettes, a bag of Honey Crisp Apples, and a dozen Eggs.  I have the rest of the stuff in my kitchen already.  I have one batch in the oven with one more to go.  This will net a few dozen french toast squares.  When it comes out, I am going to glaze it with melted butter with Fancy Grade Syrup stirred in.

NOTE: I used an 8" X 11 1/2".  Ended up needing 7 Eggs on account of the larger dish because the baguette cubes required more egg than sliced sandwich bread.   But the recipe is on my site if you search Stuffed Apple French Toast.

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