Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fun Pancakes

Last week I came across a Yahoo article about a guy who makes fun pancakes for his 3 year old.  Now this guy is super talented and is an artist by profession, and I can assure you I am neither.  He places his batter in squeeze bottles and draws on the griddle to make all sort of really neat things.
I bought a few squeeze bottles to give it a whirl.  I mixed up 3 colors, green, brown and orange.  I made my usual pancake batter (already on this site) thinning it out with whole milk so it could be squeezed through the opening.  I placed batter into the bottles and shook in the colors.  Here are a few photos of the pancakes I made.  This is really fun.
My batter was a little too thin especially after adding the color and they spread more than I wanted.  Next time I know the batter will squeeze out without it being quite as thin.  Also, if you draw big pancakes, you will have a dickens of a time flipping them.  My pumpkin was too big and the batter spread making tough to flip.
If you have a sleep over for girls, I think this would be a really fun breakfast for them.  My son normally eats 1 or 2 pancakes and he ate equivalent to 4-6 made this way!

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