Monday, February 22, 2010

Blackend Redfish on the Grill

Our friend, J, went bow fishing and rod fishing last week and he and his guests limited out on Redfish.  They were all out of town guests, so he got to keep the catch.  He must have spent the better part of Saturday morning giving out the fish.  Some of the fish was "on the half shell" meaning the fillet was left on the scales, perfect for grilling!  I chose Blackend for my fish.  Butter lightly the rinsed Whole Redfish Fillet with 1 Tbl Soft Butter.  Add Blackening Seasoning to Taste.  Add to hot grill, scales side down, and close the lid.  When scales begin to roll gently around the edges and the fish feels slightly firm to the touch, it's done.  It should easily come up from the grill, scales and all.  This puffed up nicely and in the end was thicker than it appeared when it was raw.  Wow, spectacular!  Thanks J!

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