Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pineapple is in Season!

This week I bought a beautiful pineapple on sale, $1.99, but in general I see them for around $3.  If you want to stretch your budget, let your nose follow the seasonal fruits!  I have this handy dandy gadget that cores and cuts a spiral all at the same time.  The gadget cost around $20 and is available at Bed Bath & Beyond.  

It's now September 2011 and this gadget broke a few months ago.  I went to Simplee Gourmet on Hwy 21, Covington, LA and bought a stainless steel version.  This one should last a lifetime.  We eat a lot of pineapple because we make smoothies quite often.

Once the spiral is on the gadget, you remove the handle and slide all of the fruit off as 1 continuous spiral.  If you want chunks, keep the sprial on the gadget and cut downward from top to bottom making large stacks of chunks until the entire pineapple is cut.  Add berries for a nice colorful fruit bowl!


Diane Hoff said...

I bought Lee a pineapple corer for Christmas based on your suggestion. We love it. Lee usually was the one to prep the fresh pineapple which is a lot of work. We have been finding pineapples for $1 at Aldi.

Carole S said...

Just got a stainless steel pineapple corer for Christmas! Can't wait to try it!