Saturday, February 27, 2010

Fresh Tortellini with Spicy Alfredo

My son is a huge pasta lover, well so am I.  Whenever my husband goes out of town, pasta is on the menu.  I whipped this up after getting him home from an after school activity so dinner was filling and on the table in about 15 minutes, start to finish, no lie! 
Boil an 8 quart pot of water.  In the meantime, heat a large empty skillet over medium heat.  Mince 1 Large Shallot.  Mince Parsley or  1 Scallion green part only, for garnish. Get 1 Garlic Clove in press but don't press just yet.  To boiling water, add  1 Tbl Salt and Fresh Tortellini .  I bought the large pack, 1 Pound Fresh Tortellini, because in the past the 9oz is too small for the 2 of us.    Add 3 Tbl Butter to the skillet.  Add Shallot and sweat til softened, about 1 minute.  Press Garlic directly into the skillet and stir for 30 seconds.  Add 1 1/2 Tbl Flour and sitr to coat shallots.  Cook this for a few minutes, without browning.  Add 1/3 Cup 1/2 & 1/2.  Add 1 Cup Milk.  While stirring, let bubble very gently over medium/medium low heat til it thickens.  Turn off heat and add 1 Tbl Butter and Seasoning at this time.  I used Barbeque Shrimp Seasoning and a bit of S&P.  Swirl skillet to mix.  Add 1 Cup Parmesan Cheese.  Drain pasta and add directly to the skillet to coat.  Serve at once topped with Scallions and additional Parmesan Cheese!

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