Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fresh Strawberry Fruit Bars!

Our strawberry season is about to begin and there is nothing better than walking away from a local fruit stand with a flat of freshly picked strawberries. If you have farms that allow you to pick, I suggest you pick your own! Make certain you have plenty of uses because a flat of stawberries is a lot of berries! After you give half of them away, you are still left with 6 pints. I bought a bar mold to extend the life of my strawberries. How I wish I had bought 2 or 3 of them at that time because I have not found the exact same shape again.
My mold makes 10 bars and here's my fresh fruit bar recipe!
Rinse and remove stems from 1 1/2 Pints Fresh Strawberries (Where ever you live you should try to use local berries). Add 1/2 Tbl Sugar and whirl in food processor til it is juicy but a few chunks of fruit remain.
In a separate bowl, add 3 Bananas and 3 Tbl of Heavy Cream. Mix with a hand mixer until blended and chunks of fruit remain. If you don't have heavy cream, use 1/2 & 1/2 or milk. Once the bananas are peeled, you need to be committed to making these for the bananas will quickly turn brown.

Fill mold alternating the banana and strawberry filling. Wipe the top of the mold clean and place on lid. Add sticks and freeze. Within about 4-5 hours you can remove bars from the mold. I place my bars wrapped loosely in a deli paper stacked in a Gallon Zip Lock Freezer bag. Place bag back into the freezer so they become very hard. Wash mold and make another batch. Enjoy this wonderful snack or dessert.

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