Monday, March 30, 2009

What's for Dinner, Grilled BBQ Shrimp!

I love New Orleans BBQ Shrimp. I have made the real thing many times but it is REALLY fattening! Of all of the seasonings we have tried, LaDon's from Gonzales, Louisiana is our favorite. Part of the reason is cumin. If it's in there, I can't even get near it for I just can't stand the smell.

So moving on...I began to use the seasoning like a dry rub years ago. We can buy Jumbo Shrimp at a pretty reasonable price.
The ones I bought were head on and were $6.99 per lb. In the end, 18 peeled shrimp with just the tail on cost about $10.50. Not bad.

Peel Shrimp and place on skewers. Pat dry of water and add about 1 Tbl olive oil. Season with LaDon's BBQ Shrimp Seasoning.

Heat grill to Medium high. (Have the rest of the dinner ready cause this cooks in a matter of minutes.) Grill about 1 to 1 1/2 minutes on each side. As soon as it turns pink it is done. I like to serve a lemon wedge which goes nicely with the spicy seasoning.

Note: If you frequently find your shrimp is mushy, you are over cooking it.


Bill Daniels said...

Hey your blog. Where can I find LaDon's BBQ Shrimp Seasoning?
Bill Daniels

Bill Daniels said...

BTW...the shrimp look GREAT! Can't wait to try them...especially now having a 'healthy' alternative to BBQ shrimp.

Janice said...

I will find out what store carries it. It seems to always change. These flavors never disappoint, and without all the butter, big bonus!