Friday, March 20, 2009

Some Wine Stuff Coming Soon...

I know, you see Goodchardonnay and think, ok where is it? It's coming. A little background on the name aside from the fact that I LOVE wine.

The name actually goes back to the days when I first played backgammon online. Must have been mid 90's. I needed a screen name, ok, Merlot, cool, gone. Rats, ok, GoodMerlot, cool, gone. Rats, Ok, Chardonnay, gone. Rats! O..K.. too many wine drinkers playing backgammon. Goodchardonnay. Available. Been that ever since.

I have been consuming wine since the early 80's and hardly ever met one I don't like. But I have some I really like, especially for nice occasions. We don't have a cellar or anything cause it's too hot here and since we have to evacuate every so often I wouldn't be able to lug it out of here. I mostly buy to consume and fortunately we have a few great places for buying. I will begin to add some info very soon.

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