Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Chocolate Banana Freeze

Last summer some friends and our children went to the Camelia Grill for a late lunch after a morning at the Aububon Zoo. The place is small and was packed. We all ordered Hamburgers and Chocolate Freezes. It was all delicious and I don't think any of us ate dinner that night. We certainly didn't need to. The freeze was simple. Blended Hershey's Syrup, milk and ice. Sometime after that my sister D mentioned something similar with a banana, an idea I loved. In an effort to get more protein into my growing 6 year old who isn't the world's best carnivore, yet, I began making my own.

To blender add, 2/3 C. Milk, 1 Packet Carnation Instant Breakfast, 1 ripe banana, 12 ice cubes. Whirl in blender until smooth. Pour in glass and enjoy.

Many times kids go from school to sports practice or a game and barely have time to choke down a sandwich. This is a perfect drink to add calories. Also, excellent for after practice or a game. I played tennis this morning and it was my lunch.

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