Sunday, March 22, 2009

What to do with all of those Easter Eggs?

Jacques Pepin's Eggs Jeannette. I am trying to get ahead of the Easter curve with a few posts. This is one of my favorites because I like to dye eggs and am always looking for something to do with them. My friend J and I made these a long time ago when we had no kids. First we dyed eggs, then we chose the worst ones to make these with. We began to drink and laughed the entire time. The husbands were out grilling steaks. We liked them so much we began to think we should eat them all before they got inside and we decided we would say, "Eggs Jeannette, what Eggs Jeannette?" In the end we saved some for them.
I like to chiffonade spinach and serve the eggs on top, 2 halves per person. We had these last night and my 7 year old ate 6 of them so it's safe to say kids like them, too.
First step, hard cook the eggs. Put 6 Eggs in sauce pan, cover with cold water. Set on stove over medium heat. Just as they come to a boil, turn down the heat so they simmer. Simmer for 15 minutes. Run cold water over them dumping the hot water as you go to cool the eggs down. Peel eggs. Note to self, 1 egg takes just as long to cook as 6 eggs. The only change I have made to this recipe is I cut the eggs lengthwise.
Cut all the eggs and place yolk in a bowl and whites on a plate. To the bowl add 2 Tbl milk, 2 pressed garlic cloves, 2 Tbl Parsley, S&P. Restuff eggs filling just the cavity.
Heat 14 " skillet empty over medium heat. Add 1 Tbl Olive Oil and 1 Tbl Butter. Place eggs in pan yolk side down and cook til brown. Flip over, cook for another minute and once done and remove from pan. Place on plate.
With remaining 2 Tbl Egg Yolk Mixture, make dressing. Add 2 tsp Mustard either Stone Ground or Dijon, 2 tsp Red Wine Vinegar, 1 Tbl Water, Pinch of S&P. Mix together and drizzle in 1/4 C Olive Oil while stirring with a wire whip.
Place Spinach on individual plates and chill. Add dressing to platter and add eggs, serve warm or at room temperature. Place platter on table and let everyone serve themselves.

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I highly recommend trying these! They are wonderful! And a Good Chardonnay is essential while enjoying.