Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A look at the garden 9 days later

Here in the south, sugar snap pea seeds go in 6 weeks before the last frost. We can get frost right up til April 15th and frequently we do.

A lady bug eating aphids on the apple tree. Look closely you can see them!

The pear tree is really about to bust out, first flower.

The spinach is just showing is first 2 leaves although they wouldn't photograph well I didn't bother. Next week I will though.

Blueberries are going to flower soon. Each cluster of flowers will produce a cluster of berries with 1 berry ripening per cluster every other day.

I planted 5 varieties of tomatoes and those may not make it if we get a frost but I already have 3 Romas and a few cherry tomatoes as we just had 3 days of rain over the weekend. My shot really focused in on the fence.

Next Monday we will move another cubic yard of garden soil. It was too wet this week. Will photograph again soon!

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