Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Vegetable Garden Prep 1st Post

This garden is 18'X40' and is a lot of work! The long dimension runs east to west. It gets A LOT of sun in the summer and I have tried to reduce it by strategically planting. I have 5 young blueberry bushes in a bed on the outside of the fence on the west and when mature will provide much needed shade. Along the southern side (left in photo) I have a variety of rose bushes. Roses climb on the arbor which acts as the entrance to the garden. My husband I made the pickets by hand because I wanted the New England style and they can't be found in the deep south.
The garden hasn't done as well in recent years as it did early on. I was able to grown certain things easily and last year just about nothing grew. The problem areas and most heavily weedy areas were covered with back plastic for about 6-8 months and I just uncovered them a week ago. I have removed all of the dead weeds and am cleaning and amending the soil.
The rows have been organized many ways and like this configuration best. There is a narrow perimeter row against the fence. I need that fence to shade the cool weather plants like peas and spinach because our growing season for them is short. There are wide raised beds that can be double rowed planted for things like beans and tomatoes and can be accessed from both sides. This configuration minimizes the walking paths, therefore giving me the maximum planting area.

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