Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Walk In the Garden Photos, 18 Days Later

We just had 3 nights of horrible weather. Of course the trees liked it and our Kieffer Pear tree is in full bloom! Yesterday was beautiful, breezy, very sunny and cool. I thought we missed spring temperatures but they are here now.

My Roma Tomato is chugging along. I thought I had 3 tomatoes and am happy to discover a few more.

What's amzing is the plant in the fore front is nearest the compost, but all 6 plants pictured are from the same 9 pack.

Banana Pepper Plant.

I have 2 Cucumber plants that look like this.

The Sugar Snap Peas are beginning to grow fine tentacles which will wrap around the trellis for support. The birds ate some of my seeds so a week ago I added new seeds in all of the open spaces. Those seeds are just popping up. This cool weather plant that won't produce once it gets really warm.
I planted eggplant by seed and bought 3 plants, pictured, just to get a jump start. We'll see what does best. The plants are Ichabad and the seeds are Early Long Purple .

I love my roses! Each plant is a different rose of which at this point I don't even know what I have. You'll see in about a month! I fertilized about a month ago. They are all happy except for my Peace Rose which was taken over by blue iris. I have yet to get the large canes of the climbing rose tied to the trellis. Tomorrow I will work on it with my helper. See you in about 10 days for another walk through the garden!

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